How LBT helped a well-established Dutch business conquer international markets through the Amazon platform

Why LBT?

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The challenge

This client had been a well-established name in the Dutch air cooler & purifier market for 2 decades. We partnered with them, aiming to grow their brand by expanding it into international markets.


After a deep dive study of the brand, products and target markets, we identified a number of Amazon marketplaces that were showing the highest potential for growth. Having presented our proposal, supported with a solid business case, the client decided to partner with us and we’re very happy to have them on board!

The solution

The client relied on us to fully manage their Amazon business. Using a holistic approach including optimal listing content, advertising and operational effectiveness, we developed a roadmap with clear goals and milestones.


Starting with creating the client’s Amazon account and fully setting them up for selling in the target markets, we then created the listings using optimised A+ content and imagery (a key step we look into for every client by the way, because a product page that is not optimized will not give the desired conversion). We also heightened the brand’s presence by creating a fully optimised Amazon Store page, which allows shoppers to feel familiar with the brand.


Next, we used proven marketing & advertising strategies (both on Amazon and on social media) to improve the page rankings and sales conversions for the different listings. We continuously managed and improved the campaigns to reduce ACoS and achieve maximum ROI. Of course, all the while we were keeping the client fully informed of the progress we were making in every aspect.

The result

As quickly as 3 months after first creating the brand and listings on Amazon, the client reported a 136% growth in sales YoY. After we had fulfilled the initial steps of the roadmap and successfully established the brand in those first key markets, we continued expanding the brand further in other European Amazon markets.

“Live By Trade helped us build our brand on Amazon from scratch. We now have a presence in every European marketplace, with our SEO-optimized listings also bolstered by great A+ content. Tom and Rick helped us through every stage of the process, offering a complete service that gave us the edge we needed to increase our brand visibility and profitability.”

Jochem Schipper, Sales & Marketing Director


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