How LBT optimized the e-commerce operations of a Belgium-based brand in power tools, home & garden supplies, pet products and toys.

Why LBT?

ACoS lowered by


Sales increased by


Operational costs reduced by


The challenge

This client had already started selling on the Amazon platform, but felt they were not sufficiently equipped to really get everything they could out of this massive platform. They asked for our help creating a strategy that give their sales an immediate boost, initially focusing on a number of key products and marketplaces. Wen audited their Amazon listings and presented our proposal, and they agreed for us to take on full management of these listings.

The solution

As always, our first step was to optimize the existing product listings in terms of A+ content and imagery, thus improving their SEO and conversion rates. With that in place, we then ran a carefully planned PPC campaign, targeting low cost yet high conversion keywords which kept the ACoS below 15%. With the increased brand & product visibility, the listings quickly ranked better and organic sales multiplied.


Having presented the results we were able to achieve with these initial products, the client then entrusted us with their entire portfolio. We rolled out the strategy across all listings and marketplaces and built their Amazon Store to showcase the best-selling products and share the brand story.

The result

Within 2 months of starting to work with this client, we succeeded in improving the organic search ranking of their key ASIN’s to the top 10 search results for most relevant search terms. Thanks to our content optimization work, the conversation rate increased by 5% whilst reducing operational costs by 35%.


Since taking on the client’s full portfolio, our content optimization and PPC strategies have improved organic search ranking and conversion across the board and resulted in a 140% sales growth in the first year.

“Even as an established business, we managed to increase our sales, inventory performance and reduce our operational costs thanks to Tom and Rick’s Amazon expertise. With their wealth of Amazon knowledge, they pushed our existing listings to rank higher while also helping us work out a long term plan for consistently rolling out new products.”

Jelle Palmans, Director


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